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Technician (Inventory)

  • NCISG Headquarters
Mons, Belgium
Application Deadline: May 27, 2024
  • NCISG Headquarters
Mons, Belgium
Application Deadline: May 27, 2024


The J4 Division is responsible for logistic planning and supervision of logistic related activities within NATO Communications and Information Systems Group.

The incumbent is responsible for asset management, asset tracking, non-CIS equipment management status and maintaining the NCISG J4 Logistics Information Systems records and also provides supervision and guidance for the logistic support of NCISG non-CIS fleet and for the use of NATO approved property accounting software.


The incumbent's duties are:

  • Assists in the day-to-day property accounting, supply and equipment management for assets owned by NATO CIS Group as specified by the Branch Head;

  • Maintains records of assets owned by NATO CIS Group, and assists other divisions on tasks related to property accounting using automated means and the logistics system in use within the NATO CIS Group;

  • Act as logistics information systems (LOGFAS and NDSS) administrator and operator assisting on the control, movement and supply of DCIS equipment to meet the current operational needs;

  • Prepares and publishes timely logistics reports for logistics updates and develops NATO CIS Group SOPs related with property accounting;

  • Serves as the J4 POC for all logistics information systems (LIS) matters with higher, lateral and subordinate formations.


The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organisation at the same grade without there being any change to the contract.

The incumbent may be required to undertake deployments in support of military operations and exercises, and/or TDY assignments, both within and without NATO boundaries. Such operational deployment may exceed 30 days duration up to 183 days in any period of 547 days, and may be on short notice. For NATO International Civilian Staff, acceptance of an employment contract linked to this post constitutes agreement to deploy in excess of 30 days if required.

The risk of injury is categorized as No risk / risk might increase when deployed.



  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in Logistics Management. Participate in the overall planning, organizing and directing of programs, services and support activities carried out through all logistics functions. Develops plans and policy guidance to implement logistics management programs;

  • Exercises independent judgment in identifying and tackling complex issues and assignments;

  • Influences and collaborates effectively with colleagues on projects and maintain a working relationship with customers, suppliers, and partners;

  • Experience in handling a variety of tasks, including complex and non-routine ones, in diverse environments;

  • Self-motivated individual, who takes initiative in pursuing professional development opportunities;

  • Effective time management: Plans, schedules, and monitors personal workload (and potentially others') efficiently while adhering to deadlines, regulations, and procedures;

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in management and administration including economics and finance.


  • Higher Secondary education and intermediate vocational training in logistics, transport or related discipline which might lead to a formal qualification with 3 years’ experience, or Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training in that discipline leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 4 years post related experience.


  • English - SLP 3322 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).


Professional Experience

  • Experience in property accounting and logistic equipment management to support communications and information systems equipment;

  • Experience in dealing with supply and property accounting policies and procedures.


  • NDSS Courses at NSPA;

  • LOGFAS Fundamentals and Data Operator Course;

  • LOGFAS Staff Officer Course;

  • NATO C4ISR Technology Orientation.


  • Personal Attributes: The incumbent has to have experience in property accounting and equipment management of CIS and non-CIS equipment and familiarity with all aspects of logistics support related to communications and information systems;

  • Professional Contacts: The incumbent cooperates and coordinates at working level with professional peers within NAMSA LR, NC3A, NSR, CLD, NCHQ SMD/PPC and ISAF Depots. Contacts require detailed explanation normally supported by technical data and backup narrative, discussion, persuasion, and approval;

  • Contribution to Objectives: The incumbent assists in the day-to-day property accounting, supply and equipment management for the assigned DCIS; maintains records of assigned DCIS, for property accounting purposes, using automated means and the logistics system in use within the NATO CIS Group; directs the movement and supply of DCIS parts and equipment to meet the current operational needs; prepares and publishes, in co-ordination with the System Manager, the Stock Allowance Lists.


The successful candidate will fill this post as a Project Related NATO International Civilian (PLN) with a three-year definite duration contract within the NATO 2030 Agenda. On expiry of this term the PLN will be deleted or absorbed into the ceiling pending approval or will exceptionally be considered for extension.


The salary will be the basic entry-level monthly salary defined by the NATO Grade of the post, which may be augmented by allowances based on the selected staff member’s eligibility, and which is subject to the withholding of approximately 20% for pension and medical insurance contributions.

NATO is committed to diversity and inclusion, and strives to provide equal access to employment, advancement, and retention, independent of gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, cultural background, sexual orientation, and disability. NATO welcomes applications of nationals from all member Nations.

Building integrity is a key element of NATO’s core tasks. As an employer, NATO values commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability in accordance with international norms and practices established for the defence and related security sector.

Selected candidates are expected to be role models of integrity, and to promote good governance through ongoing efforts in their work.

We believe that all people are capable of great things. Because of this, we encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all of the criteria listed within this job description.

Applicants who prove to be competent for the post but who are not successful in this competition may be offered an appointment in another post of a similar nature, which might become vacant in the near future, albeit at the same or lower grade, provided they meet the necessary requirements.


Applications are to be submitted using NATO Talent Acquisition Platform (NTAP ( Applications submitted by other means (e.g. mail, e-mail, fax, etc) are not accepted.

More information to be found on these links:

NTAP allows adding attachments. A copy of the qualification/certificate covering the highest level of education required by the job description must be provided as an attachment.

Essential information must be included in the application form. Particular attention should be given to Education and Experience section of the application form. The application should be in English.

Shortlisted candidates will be requested to provide original documentary evidence and a set of copies supporting statements in their applications. After submitting your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application.


  • Only nationals from the 32 NATO member states can apply for vacancies at SHAPE;

  • Applications are automatically acknowledged within one working day after submission. In the absence of an acknowledgement please make sure the submission process is completed, or, re-submit the application;

  • Candidates’ individual telephone, e-mail or telefax enquiries cannot be dealt with. All candidates will receive an answer indicating the outcome of their application.

NATO will not accept any phase of the recruitment and selection prepared, in whole or in part, by means of generative artificial-intelligence (AI) tools, including and without limitation to chatbots, such as Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (Chat GPT), or other language generating tools. NATO reserves the right to screen applications to identify the use of such tools. All applications prepared, in whole or in part, by means of such generative or creative AI applications may be rejected without further consideration at NATO’s sole discretion, and NATO reserves the right to take further steps in such cases as appropriate
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