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Engineer (Building Management Systems)

  • Infrastructure and Facilities
Shape, Mons, Belgium
Application Deadline: June 3, 2024
  • Infrastructure and Facilities
Shape, Mons, Belgium
Application Deadline: June 3, 2024


Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) provides an integrated Strategic Effects framework, employing a multi-domain and multi-region focus to create a 360- degree approach, with the flexibility to enable, upon direction, a seamless transition from Baseline Activities and Current Operations (BACO) up to the Maximum Level of Effort (MLE).

SHAPE supports SACEUR in fulfilling his terms of reference, as directed by the North Atlantic Council. The Management Directorate (MGT) primary focus is to provide all the necessary staffing and real-life support functions to enable SHAPE to deliver its critical outputs as a Strategic Military HQ. The Directorate acts as the HQ’s conduit to member nations (through NMRs) and to host nation authorities.

The Base Support Group (BSG) ensures an adequate infrastructure exists to support the operational requirements of all NATO and NATO related entities located within the SHAPE campus.

The Infrastructure, Storage and Supply Branch (ISS) is responsible for contributing to and implementing policy, plans, concepts, guidance, control, analysis and procedures related with engineering and maintenance functions, logistics support including transportation for SHAPE base/installation in coordination with Host Nation (HN).

The Infrastructure Management Section (IM) is responsible for master infrastructure planning, devising and implementing management policies for the receipt, processing and completion of all construction, maintenance, repairs and alterations to SHAPE installations and support facilities, and liaising with the Host Nation (HN).


The incumbent's duties are:

  • Manages the Software and Process Office of the Infrastructure Management Section;

  • Manages and supervises the integrated and stand-alone ADP systems for the Integrated Engineer Management System (IEMS), Alarm Management System (AMS) for fire detection and security access, and Energy Management System (EMS) on SHAPE;

  • Manages the hardware, operating systems, and software programming for the above systems consisting of computers, communication networks, and supplementary special purpose hardware as systems expand;

  • Supervises the maintenance contracts for hardware and software for the integrated and stand-alone systems;

  • Establishes and manages backup systems for AMS and EMS;

  • Manages and co-ordinates the general ADP training to ISS and HN personnel with special emphasis for those who supervise, operate or maintain the IEMS, AMS or EMS;

  • Manages and co-ordinates the annual ADP training program for special industry training and liaisons with clients and other agencies to ascertain conceptual requirements for future works related to IEMS, AMS, and EMS;

  • Develops technical specifications for presentation to contractors. Analyses contractor proposals and costs to ensure technical acceptability and fair values for products procured for SHAPE;

  • Prepares annual budget inputs for ADP related procurements, training, maintenance, repairs, and operations;

  • The incumbent carries out a wide variety and range of functions within the general Electro/Mechanical/ADP computer and network application field to include:

  1. Requirements development and plan design, costing, and integration for ADP management systems within the SHAPE facility complex;

  2. Performing analysis and other study reports for requirements development of further ADP applications;

  3. Supervising the procurement and execution of ADP installation and application projects and inspecting progress of projects for compliance and acceptance;

  4. Overseeing and ensuring the operation, repair, and maintenance of the installed ADP management systems;

  5. Co-ordinating or performing supplementary activities such as ADP training, budgeting, etc.


The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organisation at the same grade without there being any change to the contract. The incumbent may be required to undertake deployments in support of military operations and exercises, and/or TDY assignments, both within and without NATO boundaries up to 180 days. The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organization at the same grade without there being any change to the contract.



  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in electronics and automation (planning, designing, developing, maintaining, and monitoring electronic equipment, machinery, and systems);

  • Minimum of 2 years of identifying and responding to complex issues and assignments;

  • Minimum of 2 years of working with customers, suppliers, and partners.


  • University Degree and 2 years function related experience, or Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 4 years post related experience.


  • Intermediate English - SLP 3333 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing);

  • Intermediate French - SLP 3333 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).


Professional Experience

  • Member of a recognized institution or body;

  • Experience in supervision of computer operators/programmers and analysts;

  • Practical experience in managing maintenance contracts for hardware and software support for ADP systems;

  • Knowledge of Belgian safety regulations relevant to mechanical and electrical installations;

  • Practical experience in utilities and building management systems to include alarm, detection, and energy management systems;

  • Experience in working on projects requiring multi-discipline co-ordination;

  • Knowledge of infrastructure and Security Safety alarm/detection/energy and metering management systems;

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in personal and mid-frame software and hardware management, maintenance, and operation;

  • Experience with the following Smart Building Management Systems.


  • University degree in Electrical Engineering coupled with at least 2 years practical experience in the Electronics/Electro-Mechanical fields or Higher secondary and advanced vocational training in Electronic/Electro-Mechanical fields coupled with at least 4 years practical experience in Electronics/Electro-Mechanics.


Personal Attributes

Adaptive thought process for varying problems requiring analytical and constructive thinking and problem solving where solutions for technical designs and modification enhancements require new and adaptive ADP applications and procedures based on client/agency desires and engineering/economic feasibility. Design, costing, inspection, and compliance assurance work uses educational and technical knowledge, previous experience, and knowledge of the existing electrical engineering works and general infrastructure at SHAPE Headquarters. Interactive co-ordination required for projects involving several disciplines in facility engineering.

Professional Contacts

Professional contacts both inside and outside of SHAPE involving a high level of explanation, persuasion, discussion, and negotiating and may involve committing branch funding and operations within guidelines for ADP design and procurement established by NATO/SHAPE/DPW&L; tact and diplomacy above the normal courtesies required.

Co-ordinates with individual and agency clients at SHAPE for conceptual design requirements and feasibility, progress reports, and client co-ordination required during execution.

Co-ordinates and negotiates with design and construction technicians and managers of external civilian contract firms to ensure proper design execution, compliant construction work, and fair costing and billing for SHAPE.

Contribution to Objectives

Provides through independent effort and personal expertise and experience the analysis, research, design, integration, installation, and operation management for ADP management systems supporting alarm security, fire protection, energy management, and infrastructure management and maintenance for the entire SHAPE Headquarters complex.


Duration of contract: Serving staff members will be offered a contract according to the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations (NCPR). Newly recruited staff will be offered a definite duration contract of three years normally followed by an indefinite duration contract.

The salary will be the basic entry-level monthly salary defined by the NATO Grade of the post, which may be augmented by allowances based on the selected staff member’s eligibility, and which is subject to the withholding of approximately 20% for pension and medical insurance contributions.

NATO is committed to diversity and inclusion, and strives to provide equal access to employment, advancement, and retention, independent of gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, cultural background, sexual orientation, and disability. NATO welcomes applications of nationals from all member Nations.

Building integrity is a key element of NATO’s core tasks. As an employer, NATO values commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability in accordance with international norms and practices established for the defence and related security sector. Selected candidates are expected to be role models of integrity, and to promote good governance through ongoing efforts in their work.

Applicants who prove to be competent for the post but who are not successful in this competition may be offered an appointment in another post of a similar nature, which might become vacant in the near future, albeit at the same or lower grade, provided they meet the necessary requirements.

We believe that all people are capable of great things. Because of this, we encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all of the criteria listed within this job description.


Applications are to be submitted using NATO Talent Acquisition Platform (NTAP ( Applications submitted by other means (e.g. mail, e-mail, fax, etc) are not accepted.

More information to be found on these links:

Shortlisted candidates will be requested to provide original documentary evidence and a set of copies supporting statements in their applications. Appointment is subject to obtaining a NS security clearance and a medical certificate.


  • Only nationals from the 32 NATO member states can apply for vacancies at SHAPE;

  • Applications are automatically acknowledged within one working day after submission. In the absence of an acknowledgement please make sure the submission process is completed, or, re-submit the application;

  • Qualified redundant staff of the same grade interested in this post should inform this office, via their HR/Personnel Office by not later than vacancy’s closing date;

  • Candidates’ individual telephone, e-mail or telefax enquiries cannot be dealt with. All candidates will receive an answer indicating the outcome of their application.

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