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AI, Data & Analytics Community Manager

  • Luminus
Brussels, Belgium
  • Luminus
Brussels, Belgium

Luminus continues to grow as a data oriented organisation. Recent significant investments in AI complement our previous efforts to implement a robust data science technology stack and data governance practices. We’ve launched a comprehensive, company-wide AI program to harness the full potential of this emerging technology. This initiative aims to empower our employees, enhance efficiency, improve customer service, and foster innovation across the entire company.

Next to implementing new AI use cases this program aims to strengthen the foundations ‘people’, ‘platforms’ and ‘data management’. In the people stream Luminus has identified the need to increase the support and management of its data-oriented communities to leverage all the skills, knowledge and potential we already have in house, spread over the organisation.

As an AI, Data & Analytics Community Manager, you will be responsible for building and fostering a vibrant and collaborative community of data professionals across Luminus. You will facilitate knowledge sharing, learning, and networking among the members of the data engineering, data science, and data management communities of practice (CoPs). You will also promote the visibility and recognition of the achievements and contributions of the community members to inderectly support their career development and mobility.


Animating the community/communities

  • You organize and moderate regular events and workshops for the CoPs, such as webinars, working groups, hackathons, showcases, and peer reviews;

  • You curate and disseminate relevant and timely information and resources for the CoPs, such as newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and learning materials;

  • You manage and maintain the online platforms and tools for the CoPs, such as Confluence, Jira Community Improvement Backlogs, Teams, and GitHub;

  • You monitor and measure the engagement and satisfaction of the CoPs, and solicit feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Expanding and growing the community

  • You identify and support the members, leaders, and champions of the CoPs in all areas of Luminus, encouraging their active participation and collaboration;

  • You build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and partners across Luminus and external vendors;

  • You advocate for the strategic value and impact of AI, Data & Analytics, and showcase the best practices and success stories of the CoPs;

  • You provide a platform for community members to demonstrate results and shine both internally and externally;

  • You ensure visibility across the company regarding all activities related to AI, Data, and Analytics;

  • Contributing to the platform and/or using case teams as an expert in AI, Data & Analytics, and provide guidance and support as needed.


  • You hold a Master's degree in computer science, data science, statistics, engineering, or a related field;

  • You have at least 4 years of experience in AI, Data & Analytics, with a proven track record of delivering data-driven solutions and insights;

  • You have at least 3 years of leadership experience, either through hierarchical leadership or natural leadership in a non-hierarchical setting;

  • You have strong knowledge and skills in data engineering, data science, and data management;

  • You have an interest in and familiarity with the latest tools and technologies in the field;

  • You have strong knowledge and skills in data engineering, data science, and data management;

  • You possess excellent communication and storytelling skills, with the ability to explain complex concepts and ideas in a clear and engaging way;

  • You are passionate and enthusiastic about building and growing a data community, and fostering a culture of learning and collaboration. You exhibit natural leadership;

  • You are self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to work independently and as part of a team;

  • You are creative and innovative, with the ability to generate and implement new ideas and solutions;

  • You are flexible and adaptable, with the ability to handle multiple tasks and projects in a fast-paced environment;

  • You are fluent in English, mastering French or Dutch or is an asset.

We are looking for someone who has earned his/her stripes in the field and who can easily blend in and will be respected by the community of our data professionals while also demonstrating leadership skills to guide this community.

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